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Most health concerns and problems presented to Dr. Beck are complex in nature and require a thoughtful, customized approach.  He therefore does not rush through his treatment; he appreciates taking the time with each patient to ensure an optimal approach in the effort towards a resolution.  Dr. Beck remains knowledgeable and informed by empirically-validated orthopedic treatment outcomes and incorporates effective techniques and modalities for each condition.


Dr. Beck’s methods are safe, flexible, and dynamic, integrating contemporary and traditional approaches towards health and wellness.  His success rates are top notch and he remains honest, professional, and courteous.  The office takes x-rays only when medically necessary.

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All Major Credit Cards
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Private Health Insurance
Med-Pay (Auto Accidents)

When paying out-of-pocket our fees are affordable; there are no long term contracts to sign; and you pay as you go.

Hours & Address

We are Open:
Mondays 2 to 6
Wednesdays 2 to 6
Thursdays 2 to 6

Find us at:
411 B St Suite 2
Petaluma, CA 94952

Are You Experiencing

Chronic Pain
Stress & Anxiety
Plantar Fascitis
Weight Gain
Lack of Exercise
Need Lifestyle Changes
Poor Athletic Performance
Unresolved or Treatment-Resistant Conditions

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