Meet Dr. Beck

Dr. Jason Beck

Dr. Beck has been practicing chiropractic for over 25 years.  He loves his work and has enormous respect for the body and its healing potential. He updates his chiropractic knowledge with a concentrated emphasis on neurology, rehabilitation, nutrition, and psychology.  Many patients come with chronic conditions, and he works carefully and collaboratively to find their resolution.

When he was three years old, Dr. Beck’s family started taking him for regular chiropractic wellness care. During an eighth-grade lacrosse game, he was traumatically hit by another player and had to be carried off the field. He was taken directly to his family chiropractor who corrected the spinal injury in one visit. Dr. Beck realized that a chiropractic adjustment did what no other procedure or treatment could do – to correct a spinal injury quickly without invasive drugs or surgery – and the event solidified his decision to become a chiropractor.  He subsequently started his academic chiropractic track when still in high school, landing him thereafter in Bloomfield College, New Jersey, one of the few pre-chiropractic colleges in the country. He attended graduate school at Life University, Georgia, graduating in 1993.

Throughout his professional life, Dr. Beck  has been committed to bettering the lives of others through an integrative approach to healthcare.  His ultimate hope is that others discover the enormous life changes chiropractic can offer.

When not in the office caring for patients, Dr. Beck enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, running, biking, snowboarding, barbell strength training, skateboarding with his daughter, researching healthcare, reading, and volunteering for his daughter’s school and community.