Chiropractic FAQs

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the art and science of gently moving the bones of the spinal column and extremities back into their proper bio- mechanical positions, in order to restore nerve impulses from the brain, increase flexibility, and restore spinal health and balance.

Is chiropractic safe?

Yes.  Dr. Beck is careful to utilize many different chiropractic techniques, tailoring each treatment according to a particular patient’s needs. From babies to seniors to top athletes, automobile accident victims, and prenatal care, Dr. Beck chooses appropriate treatments that vary from very gentle touch to more force when necessary.

Do chiropractors “crack” bones?

No!  In fact the noise that you hear is not the bones at all. It’s simply the release of gasses in the joints that are released when the chiropractic adjustment is made.

Once you go to a chiropractor, do you always have to go to a chiropractor?

After a patient’s acute condition is resolved, many choose to continue with what is known as “wellness care” in order to keep the spine and nervous system flexible, healthy, and working properly.  Just as you go to your dentist for regular checkups even when your teeth do not hurt, chiropractors typically suggest that you come in for regular follow-up care of your spine.  While the choice is always yours whether to continue checking in with your spinal health, most patients love to come in and feel very good when they leave.


  • “Dr. Beck has been a life saver for me. I started seeing him after experiencing terrible lower back pain. I saw my doctor, changed my office chair, and had massage therapists work on me, focusing on that area, but nothing helped. I was pretty miserable by the time I ended up in Dr. Beck’s office at the recommendation of a friend who raved about him. I was skeptical that he could help me, but willing to try anything.
Dr. Beck was incredibly knowledgeable about the body. He was compassionate and thoughtful when listening to me about my back, and explained to me that the problem might lie in other areas of my body, and that we would need to address those areas before the pain in my lower back could be alleviated. I could not believe it when he felt my spine and determined a vertebra in my NECK that was causing the issues! He adjusted that vertebra and was very gentle, focusing on other areas of my back as well. I walked out of that office, on the very first visit, feeling a huge reduction in my pain for the first time in months. Since then, Dr. Beck has seen me many more times, and I have virtually no pain in my back. I now see him regularly to keep my body in balance. He takes a very holistic approach to problems, and thanks to him, I have improved my diet and reduced stress as well, an added benefit. Unlike a lot of doctors, I like that he also really listens to you and your unique issues and concerns so he can work with your particular needs. I highly recommend Dr. Beck for anyone who feels like conventional doctors are just not fixing the problem!“
    K.M.E. Iowa City, IA
  • “Dr. Beck is a true healer. His approach is very holistic and he looks at your entire lifestyle when making a diagnosis. Each visit he takes the time to ask me questions about how I’m doing (both physically and mentally) and initiates discussions that helped me understand my body in ways that I didn’t before. His approach is indeed “pro-active”. In addition to significantly improving my back and neck problems, Dr. Beck has improved my overall health including problems that I’ve had with sinuses, sleep and digestion. His newly renovated office is upbeat and cheerful with easy parking right in the heart of downtown Petaluma. Thank You Jason!!”
    Steve C. Petaluma, CA
  • “I was referred to Beck Chiropractic by a good friend. She and her husband were regular patients on a wellness care basis. They raved about him all the time. Now I get to do the same. Jason Beck is very professional, caring, well educated, uses varied modalities that are pertinent. He doesn’t try to sell you anything and is very reasonably priced. I found out my neck and spine were way out of alignment, Jason is putting me back together again. I love going to my appointments!”
    Donna A. Cotati, CA
  • “I write this review to give you athletes the opportunity to help get you back on your way in a comfortable and high-performance manner.
I’ve been to several chiropractors with little success, and then I met and experienced Dr. Beck (Jason).
For two years, I had planter fasciitis. I had “tennis elbow” and a stiff neck from ice hockey. I was also dealing with an old shoulder injury from playing too much volleyball and paddling so many rivers. 
My first visit with Jason started with the obligatory evaluation, and after getting to know me and understanding my ailment during that first session, Jason treated me specific to my needs and tastes; he has an uncanny ability to find the root of the problem area and it’s obviously to me that he has an arsenal of chiropractic techniques to choose from, depending on your preference, whether seemingly subtle or firm.
Thanks to Jason and his physical therapy recommendations, I’m back on the trail, pain free! Truly, I can not say enough good things about the quality care I received from Jason.”
    Joran F. Inverness, CA