Chronic Pain due to Surgery or Traumatic Injury

“I had been suffering for months with excruciating burning pain down my legs as a result of failing back surgery. I had been to many different doctors with absolutely no relief. I came to see Dr. Beck barely able to walk or stand with the help of a walker. After just the first treatment, I left his office pain free, carrying my walker in my hands! I then left for a family vacation for one month with the results still lasting. It was an absolute miracle. My quality of life has changed forever.”
- Rulon Cook, Retired School Teacher

“I had been in intolerable pain and sleeplessness for 4 years due to a severe car accident. Nothing I tried had made a dent in my pain. Within 3 weeks with Dr. Beck my pain reduced by 50%.”
- Debra Lynn

Accelerate Healing Time from a New Injury

“I had developed a severe pain in my right hip and leg, such that I had to give up my part-time refereeing job. I just could not move the way I needed to in order to do the work. A friend suggested that I see Dr. Beck, and within one month of my first visit, I was able to return to my duties on the softball field. I am completely pain free now, and credit Dr. Beck with this turn around in my health.”
- Rick

Fine Tune the Body and Increase Athletic or Artistic Performance

“Since starting with Dr. Beck, I find myself standing taller with increased balance and dancing better than I have my whole life.”
- Vanessa Kettler, Professional Dancer

Wellness Care

“I feel so much more graceful and full of energy. I feel great. Whatever you are doing, it is working.”
- Lisa B.


“When I first came to Dr. Beck I was extremely stressed and depressed due to recent losses. I was looking for healing in my emotional body. Initially, my breathing was very shallow. Within the first phase of care, I was using my full breath, and I noticed I was having moments of inner peace. I believe this care has accelerated my emotional healing. I doubt I would be so far down the road of recovery without this work.”
- C.N.S.

Unresolved or Treatment-Resistant Conditions

“I had severe shoulder pain and limited range of motion of my right arm. I could not lift my arm above my shoulder and have not been able to sleep on my right side for two years. After one visit with Dr. Beck I was 100% pain free, regained 100% range of motion and slept on my right side for the first time in two years. Months later, it has never returned.”
- Sharon Dills, R.N.”

“In 1993, a doctor told me to learn to live with pain. A loose artificial knee and misaligned leg bones caused me chronic pain. I learned to tolerate the pain. Not until Dr. Beck’s work have I experienced learning to live, live fully, gracefully and gratefully within the confines of my body. But what delights me the most is the uplifted spiritual and emotional well-being Dr. Beck’s work has given me. I continue treatment in gratitude and awe.”- Antonia Allawatt, Massage Therapist

High Stress & Anxiety

“I definitely feel my body rejecting stress and not storing it anymore. I am also sleeping easier, especially when I need it. My breathing is so much deeper.”
- Melanie R.

“I have noticed many changes in my body and emotional state. My anxiety and stress have absolutely decreased so that I experience a sense of calm much more often than I used to. I feel more able to relax through stressful times and events. Also new for me is that my upper back feels more flexible and open, with greater movement in my spine and huge improvement of my posture.”
- Elizabeth E.