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I have been struggling with neck issues for many years without much relief until I was recommended to see Dr. Beck. He is the only person I have met that has significantly improved my condition. I can tell he has great perceptual ability in how he adjusts my neck and back. It’s like he can see and feel where your vertebra need to be and then he places them back in alignment with ease. I would also highly recommend doing his soft tissue therapy in conjunction with the adjustments. This combination seems to really do the trick for me. All in all I would highly recommend Dr. Beck for anyone struggling with neck or back issues. A.N. Austin, TX

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  • “I just HAVE to share my wonderful and positive experience with Dr. Jason Beck! I’ve been under his care for 3.5 five years and have enjoyed both Dr. Beck and the effects of his care immensely! There have been many treatments that have left me giddy and all it takes is one little crack of a joke, a quick funny statement that leaves me giggling….or laughing so hard I’m crying and have to leave the treatment room as not to be a distraction to others under his care! He’s incredibly personable, funny, caring…and is a great man of integrity, honor, respect and passion. He’s been a stand for my success in being responsible for my health, which has permeated to all aspects of my life. Just by receiving the treatments that I have with Dr. Beck, I have been successful with quitting smoking, quitting drinking both alcohol and coffee and I find myself not reacting to stress in my life as I once did, before being under his care. Now I am much more able to go with the flow of life… I highly recommend that anyone who wants to breathe better, quit addictions, heal deeply, feel better and transform their health and their life to seek care with Dr. Beck!!! And if you happen to have an aversion to the stereotypical chiropractor who does all bone adjustments, THEN YOU WILL LOVE DR. BECK…for that isn’t the type of work that he focuses on! He’s not your typical chiropractor, he stands out as the best among the 20 or so that I’ve seen since my first car accident 13 years ago!! (Thank you Dr. Beck for the life that I have now! It’s because of you that I experience the joy, flow, harmony and peace that I do!!)“
    Della Mae D. Cotati, CA
  • “I was referred to Beck Chiropractic by a good friend, who is also a bodyworker. She and her husband were regular patients on a wellness care basis. They raved about him all the time. Now I get to do the same. Jason Beck is very professional, caring, well educated, uses varied modalities that are pertinent. He doesn’t try to sell you anything and is very reasonably priced. I had seen another chiropractor, who charged an outrageous amount of money for not much of anything. They said my neck and spine were dangerously out of alignment and needed immediate treatment. Dr. Beck told me this was true, but I wasn’t going to be in ruin anytime soon. I love going to my appointments!”
    Donna A. Petaluma, CA
  • “I have a very physical job and need help to keep my body tuned up. Jason Beck’s style is perfect for me. I have been seeing him for 5 years or so and I feel more connected with my body with every session. I cant list all the benefits that this work has done for me or I will be here all day. All I can say is its worth every penny and you cant put a price on your own health because you have nothing without it! ”
    Nick N. Petaluma, CA