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Dr. Beck does amazing work! I’m in my early 30s, and it’s hard to describe, but my body had been feeling old. My sense of balance was off, I felt less graceful, and I had aches that I couldn’t exercise or stretch away. I tried massages, but they only granted me temporary relief. I figured it was just part of aging, but I wasn’t ready to accept it, so I went looking a solution. My mother is the reason I tried a chiropractor. She’d recently started seeing one, and had great things to say. So I went on Yelp and found Beck Chiropractic, and I haven’t looked back. After the first adjustment (I know this will sound crazy – it would have to my pre-chiropractic self) the aches were gone. Everything I listed earlier had been fixed after one fifteen minute session. I now go to Dr. Beck for ongoing adjustments, and my body has never felt better. I find him kind, knowledgeable, and professional, and I highly recommend him. E. D. Petaluma, CA

Dr. Beck is very advanced in his practice.  I have been to several chiropractors and have never received as good care as I receive here.  He individualizes his therapy to each patient, with each day being individualized.  He looks at my entire heath picture, including emotional.  I could hardly walk or turn my neck or shoulders when I started with Dr. Back.  I am remarkable better now!  PS  I love his massage table! Deana B. Petaluma, CA

Dr. Beck is great. He really cares about his patients healing and well-being and goes way farther than the extra mile to make do everything he can to help you heal. He is knowledgeable and very attentive and caring. Julia C. San Rafael, CA

I was referred to Beck Chiropractic by a good friend, who is also a bodyworker. She and her husband were regular patients on a wellness care basis. They raved about him all the time. Now I get to do the same. Jason Beck is very professional, caring, well educated, uses varied modalities that are pertinent. He doesn’t try to sell you anything and is very reasonably priced. I had seen another chiropractor, who charged an outrageous amount of money for not much of anything. They said my neck and spine were dangerously out of alignment and needed immediate treatment. Dr. Beck told me this was true, but I wasn’t going to be in ruin anytime soon. I love going to my appointments! Donna A, Petaluma CA

I went into Jason’s office on crutches in severe pain.  I walked out! This man is a gifted genius!  He saved me from a wheelchair bound life and he took me out of constant pain.  The curve in my spine has been restored and I live a normal life now.  Cannot say enough good about Jason.  My son sees him too now. Jeff R., Walnut Creek CA

I have a very physical job and need help to keep my body tuned up. Jason Beck’s style is perfect for me. I have been seeing him for 5 years or so and I feel more connected with my body with every session. I cant list all the benefits that this work has done for me or I will be here all day. All I can say is  its worth every penny and you cant put a price on your own health because you have nothing without it! Nick N. Petaluma, CA

I write this review to give you athletes the opportunity to help get you back on your way in a comfortable and high-performance manner.
I’ve been to several chiropractors with little success, and then I met and experienced Dr. Beck (Jason).
For two years, I had planter fasciitis. I had “tennis elbow” and a stiff neck from ice hockey. I was also dealing with an old shoulder injury from playing too much volleyball and paddling so many rivers.
My first visit with Jason started with the obligatory evaluation, and after getting to know me and understanding my ailment during that first session, Jason treated me specific to my needs and tastes; he has an uncanny ability to find the root of the problem area and it’s obviously to me that he has an arsenal of chiropractic techniques to choose from, depending on your preference, whether seemingly subtle or firm.
Thanks to Jason and his physical therapy recommendations, I’m back on the trail, pain free! Truly, I can not say enough good things about the quality care I received from Jason. Joran F. Inverness, CA

DR. Beck is a true healer.  His approach is very holistic and he looks at your entire lifestyle when making a diagnosis.  Each visit he takes the time to ask me questions about how I’m doing (both physically and mentally) and initiates discussions that helped me understand my body in ways that I didn’t before.  His approach is indeed “pro-active”.  In addition to significantly improving my back and neck problems, Dr. Beck has improved my overall health including problems that I’ve had with sinuses, sleep and digestion.  His newly renovated office is upbeat and cheerful with easy parking right in the heart of downtown Petaluma.  Thank You Jason!! Steven C. Petaluma, CA

Dr. Beck has a different approach to what I considered normal chiropractic work.   He works with the neurological aspect of the body and uses the energy in the body to fix itself.  Normally you go to a chiropractor and he cracks your back and your done.  Since most issues are caused by stress, his technique fixes the main cause of the problem instead of just the problem.  Dr. Beck actually takes the time to learn about you and your life and how you can better yourself so that your body doesn’t need adjustments.  He does adjust you when needed, as my neck is consistently gets out of alignment, but after my treatment with him, my pain in my shoulders or mid back is taken care.  He has a percussor that rocks and has laser treatments that helps too.  It’s hard for me to explain the whole process, but it’s gentle, and it works.  He also evaluates your nutritional health as well in regards to vitamin supplements etc.  You leave feeling like you are more healthy all the way around.  Nice for a doctor to take the time to care. Jennifer S. Petaluma, CA

Dr. Jason Beck is quite literally a life saver! After three long and agonizing years of chronic pain following a car accident I visited Dr. Beck’s office. Initially, I  had many reservations and was generally skeptical of chiropractors treatment. Dr. Beck immediately put me at ease with his calm and confident demeanor. He listened carefully, asked pertinent questions, and offered a thorough rationale for his technique and approach to treatment. After three sessions he accurately diagnosed my hip joint issue. I worked with over seven specialists from Kaiser for three years and not one of them ever mentioned my hip as a likely source of my pain. The diagnosis has been confirmed by Kaiser since our work together. i also had debilitating neck pain, and Dr. Beck’s work resulting in dramatic improvement in my range of motion in my neck, elimination of stiffness and pain and improved sleep!!! Dr. Beck is a miracle and a gift. He is a true healer. I am very, very discriminating about who/what I choose to Yelp review. If I could afford it, I would take out billboards and commercial advertisements heralding his skills, talent, professionalism, empathic nature and expertise. You cannot go wrong with making the decision to work with him. Kate F. San Rafael, CA

I just HAVE to share my wonderful and positive experience with Dr. Jason Beck!  I’ve been under his care for 3.5 five years and have enjoyed both Dr. Beck and the effects of his care immensely!  There have been many treatments that  have left me giddy and all it takes is one little crack of a joke, a quick funny statement that leaves me giggling….or laughing so hard I’m crying and have to leave the treatment room as not to be a distraction to others under his care!  He’s incredibly personable, funny, caring…and is a great man of integrity, honor, respect and passion.  He’s been a stand for my success in being responsible for my health, which has permeated to all aspects of my life.  Just by receiving the treatments that I have with Dr. Beck, I have been successful with quitting smoking, quitting drinking both alcohol and coffee and  I find myself not reacting to stress in my life as I once did, before being under his care. Now I am much more able to go with the flow of life…  I highly recommend that anyone who wants to breathe better, quit addictions, heal deeply, feel better and transform their health and their life to seek care with Dr. Beck!!!  And if you happen to have an aversion to the stereotypical chiropractor who does all bone adjustments, THEN YOU WILL LOVE DR. BECK…for that isn’t the type of work that he focuses on!  He’s not your typical chiropractor, he stands out as the best among the 20 or so that I’ve seen since my first car accident 13 years ago!!  (Thank you Dr. Beck for the life that I have now! It’s because of you that I experience the joy, flow, harmony and peace that I do!!) Della Mae D. Cotati, CA